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What Can Defendants Expect When They are Charged With a Drug Crime?

Whether it be possession or attempt to sell, a drug charge can have lasting ramifications on a person’s life. If convicted of a drug charge, the conviction can follow a person for the rest of their life. This is why defendants would be wise to hire Drug lawyers in Tula.

Understanding Drug Conviction Penalities in Oklahoma

When a person is charged with a drug charge, they need to know the penalties they will possibly face. Meeting with the Criminal defense lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma will allow a defendant to understand how a conviction will impact their life. The following are possible penalties for drug convictions in the state of Oklahoma:

A simple possession charge of any amount can result in a $1000 fine and incarceration of up to a year, even for a first offense. This is a misdemeanor charge.

A sale or distribution conviction penalty will lead to a fine and imprisonment, based on the weight of the drugs. All are considered felonies. Under 25 pounds could result in two years of prison time and a fine of $20,000. The penalties go up with the weight and where the sale was being attempted.

A cultivation conviction has a penalty based on the number of plants being cultivated. Cultivation of up to 1000 plants can result in $25,000 and 20 years in prison. Over 1000 plants could lead to a $50,000 fine and up to 20 years or life in prison. All cultivation charges result in felonies.

If a person has a drug paraphernalia conviction, this is a misdemeanor charge. The prison penalty can be up to one year and the fine increases with each subsequent charge.

Defendants Have Rights

Even though a person may have broken the law, this does not mean they do not have rights. The Tulsa criminal defense lawyers will work to protect the rights of their client so they can rest assured their rights will not be infringed upon.

A lawyer will develop a strong defense to help protect their client in court. They will also work with the prosecution in an attempt to lessen the charges or the penalties.

Although some people make the decision to represent themselves in court, this is not advised. A lawyer has a full understanding of the law and can use their knowledge to help their client make the best decisions in the process of their trial.

If you are dealing with a drug charge, it is important you contact the Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Firm. Allow them to help you with your charges.